Welcome to SectionMaster

What is SectionMaster and how did I get here?

SectionMaster is a one-stop online event registration and trading post merchandise sales management system built specifically with Order of the Arrow sections in mind.  Your section may have partnered with us to provide these and other services.

Sections: Get Started Today

Want to empower your section with SectionMaster's online event registration, trading post, and payment services?  Read all about it in our "Getting Started with SectionMaster" fact sheet. Also download a PowerPoint presentation which provides an explanation of the system's capabilities.

Give SectionMaster a Test Run

Try a SectionMaster Online Registration demo, complete with training class selection, trading post ordering, and more. Try a SectionMaster Trading Post demo, a standalone storefront providing inventory tracking and shipping options.

Download SectionMaster Client

If you're here to download a copy of the popular desktop database administration software for your section, click here.  This software is free for sections to use.  Version 4.09 and above integrate seamlessly with SM-Online.